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Dr. Subramaniam Seshan

Insights of HRM

Xpress Publishing 9789353519964 2018 MBA
Dr. Subramaniam Seshan

Life Learning

Xpress Publishing

9789353610760 2018 General
Dr. Subramaniam Seshan Managing Public Health Centers (A study of Primary Health centers) Kindle Books, Lexington, USA 978-17-9627-025-9 2018  
Dr. Akash Agarwal Business Economics Thakur Publication 978-93-5163-214-6 2015 BBA-I
Prof. Kunal Parekh   Principles of Management Thakur Publication 978-93-5163-212-2 2015 BBA-I
Dr. Akash Agarwal, Business Economics Thakur Publication 978-93-5163-214-6 2015 BBA-I
Prof. Rajesh Shende Business Organization and Systems Thakur Publication 978-93-5163-218-4 2015 BBA-I
Dr. Akash Agarwal Management Accounting & Financial Management Thakur Publication 978-93-5163-601-4 2015 BBA-II
Dr. ShineyChib Business and Industrial Laws Thakur Publication 978-93-5163-602-1 2015 BBA-II
Prof. Rajesh Shendhe Statistical Methods for Business (Statistics & Quantitative Techniques) Thakur Publication 978-93-5163-603-8 2015 BBA-II
Dr. Rahul  Mohare Research Methodology Thakur Publication 978-93-5163-604-5 2015 BBA-II
Prof. Krunal Parekh Environmental Management Thakur Publication 978-93-5163-605-2 2015 BBA-II
Dr. Rahul Vijay Mohare   Fundamentals of Statistics & Computer Thakur Publication 978-93-5163-612-0 2015 BCom. -I
Prof. Krunal Parekh Business Economics Thakur Publication 978-93-5163-614-4 2015 BCom. -I
Dr. Vaishali Rahate
Prof. Rajesh Shende
Business Communication Thakur Publication 978-93-5163-617-5 2015 BCom. -II
Dr. Akash Agarwal   Monetary Economics     Thakur Publication 978-93-5163-618-2 2015 BCom. -II
Dr. Shiney Chib   Business and Industrial Law Thakur Publication 978-93-5163-619-9 2015 BCom. -II
Dr. S. Subramaniam CRM in Present Scenario B-Digest Publication 978-81-923976-1-0 2013 MBA
Hetal Gaglani Business Ethics Thakur Publication 978-93-82249-74-0 2013 MBA
Hetal Gaglani Communication Skills Thakur Publication 978-93-82249-74-0 2013 MBA
Dr. Rahul Mohre Computer for Managers Thakur Publication 978-93-82249-15-3 2013 MBA
Dr. Rahul Mohre Computer for Managers Sheth Publication 978-93-83105-91-5 2013 MBA
Dr. Shiney Chib M-Commerce Himalaya Publication 978-93-5024-914-7 2011 MBA
Dr. S. Subramaniam Organizational Behaviour Sai Jyoti Publication 978-81-920041-4-3 2011 MBA