Programme Objectives

  • Course offer the Formal, Informal and Personal proficiency along with multidisciplinary domain of management science in business houses in general and intellectual in particular
  • Course offer the development of management aptitude and desirable attitude to enhance decision making capability for future managerCourse offers the development of students’ skill and competency in core functional area of business with integrated ethics and sustained social responsibility in management philosophy
  • Course offer the platform for enhancing the capability for entrepreneurship

Programme Outcomes (PO’s)

  • Be able to take organizational decision in ethical, operational, legal and socially responsible manner
  • Be able to demonstrate the knowledge of accounting, marketing, finance, organization behavior, operation and project management
  • Be able to understand, formulate and communicate the solution effectively to stakeholder
  • Be able to think critically, analytically and solve the complex business problems in competitive era
  • Be able to demonstrate the knowledge of various functional areas in business domains and their integration
  • Be able to demonstrate leadership ability, team building and organization behavior
  • Be able to start up new venture in any discipline of self interest
  • Be able to work in any functional domain in interested industry